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Resources for Historic Preservation Research

Resources for Historic Preservation Research | Wisconsin Historical Society

These resources are recommended by the State Historic Preservation Office as useful for researching historic buildings and structures in Wisconsin. This list is not comprehensive and you may find other useful resources in addition to these.

  • The Architecture and History Inventory (AHI)
    The Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory (AHI) is a digital source of information on more than 138,000 historic buildings, structures and objects throughout Wisconsin.
  • The Library Catalog
    The online library catalog provides descriptions and information about holdings in the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Library and Archives. The library catalog includes descriptions for both published and unpublished materials in the Society's collections.
  • The Society's Family History Collection
    The Wisconsin Historical Society is among the top five institutions for genealogy research in the United States with data that can help you research the history of the people associated with historic properties. The collection includes vital records, military records, census records, immigration records and much more.
  • The Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database
    The WHPD online database gives users access to the Architecture and History Inventory, the Archaeological Sites Inventory and the Archaeological Report Inventory. This is a licensed database with several options for access.

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