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Graffiti'd wood panels from the Wisconsin Historical Museum, featuring colorful splashes and a printed poster of George Floyd Titled the George Floyd Museum, some hard to discern text. BLM in artful bubble letters and the phrase 'always lies'.

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An Ojibwa woman, Francis Mike, harvesting wild rice in a boat on Totogatic Lake.

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Visit and learn more about WISCONSIN CENTER FOR FILM AND THEATER RESEARCH. The Wisconsin Historical Society works closely with the WCFTR in carrying out its mission. The Wisconsin Historical Society is actively developing plans for a new 21st-century museum which will serve as a hub for statewide history education and outreach. The Wisconsin Historical Society Press has been publishing lively narratives and engaging explorations of Wisconsin for history lovers, educators and young readers, since 1855.

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1823 - Henry Harnden Born
1863 - (Civil War) Battle of Thompson's Station, Tennessee
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